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Things to Do in Livingstone, Zambia

Livingstone is an ideal spot for tourists seeking an exciting Victoria Falls-area visit, offering various activities that make your vacation memorable and adventurous.

There are microlight flights, bungee jumping and close encounters with animal species available here. Plus the town offers museums and many wonderful markets – plus many other surprises.

Walking Tour of the Zambezi Falls

Livingstone draws visitors for one main reason – to see the Zambezi Falls! These magnificent falls span both Zimbabwe and Zambia, and can be enjoyed from both perspectives; on Zimbabwean side they are called Victoria Falls National Park while Zambian side is known as Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Local Cowboy Cycling Tours

Livingstone, as the tourism hub in Zambia, boasts numerous thrilling activities to satisfy adrenaline junkies. From kayaking on the Zambezi River to white water rafting and zip lining – Livingstone truly offers adventure enthusiasts everything they could possibly need in terms of adrenaline pumping excitement!

One of the best things to do in Livingstone is taking a guided tour of Victoria Falls – also known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya – a breathtaking sight and must-see attraction on any trip to Zambia.

Take a walking tour for a close-up view of the falls or opt for a helicopter tour for an aerial perspective – both are sure to make your vacation memorable and give an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

One great way to experience the natural splendor of Victoria Falls is with a boat ride to Devil’s Pool, where you can swim at the edge of the falls and witness first-hand how powerful the Zambezi River can be up close and personal. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity makes every penny worth it!

Livingstone boasts several museums that are well worth a visit. One of these, the Livingstone Museum, exhibits artifacts that cover both Zambian history and that of its surrounding areas. Furthermore, its railway museum holds plenty of information regarding how its development contributed to shaping this region.

Visit Livingstone Markets and you will find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to souvenir shopping. Curios shops sell wooden carvings, jewellery and clothing at great bargains – it’s sure to find amazing finds here!

Jollyboys Backpackers Hostel in Livingstone is one of the top picks for travelers who prefer tranquil yet accessible stays. As a family-owned business, they donate part of their profits to support local schools; plus there’s friendly and helpful staff as well as amenities such as swimming pool, bar and restaurant offering braai meat, curry dishes and other foods – perfect for travelers wanting an authentic Livingstone experience.

Devil’s Pool

The Devil’s Pool near Victoria Falls in Zambia is an attractive attraction that draws many tourists. With warmer waters than elsewhere on the Zambezi River, this attraction provides ideal swimming conditions during lower water periods from mid-August to late December. Tongabezi offers Livingstone Island tours that visit this attraction; most visitors opt for this official tour because it’s less costly and includes a mokoro ride out to Victoria Falls.

As the current pushes you through the rapids, your guide keeps an eye out for any trouble. If he sees anyone becoming tired or anxious, he’ll stay with them to ensure they safely reach the rock ledge and swim back home to safety. Once all are safe, swim across to the opposite side of the waterfall where a guide holds onto their ankles for breathtaking photos – but beware: those thrown overboard should do not swim back out again without assistance from a guide!

Experiences like these can be very high-adrenaline, so it’s wise to be well prepared. Your guides will provide clear safety instructions on where and when to position yourself for optimal photo ops in the water. Em was initially nervous but soon found comfort from their guidance; these professional counselors who happen to work near waterfalls!

Livingstone is an extremely historic town with many museums and cultural attractions to visit, such as the World War 1 Museum near Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park which serves as a memorial to those lost during that conflict and preserves an array of artifacts related to Zambia’s past.

Livingstone Railway Museum is another popular spot, housing vintage trains from Livingstone’s past. Additionally, Livingstone offers plenty of restaurants offering both local and international dishes – you can even experience traditional African boma dinner with dancing and drumming at The Boma Restaurant at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia!


Livingstone serves as a base for tourists visiting one of nature’s greatest wonders: Victoria Falls. Named for Scottish explorer David Livingstone who first explored this region, Livingstone serves as an entryway into nearby Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and offers visitors various outdoor activities.

Adventure seekers will delight in thrilling activities such as bungee jumping and white water rafting, which provide visitors with an exclusive vantage of spectacular landscapes. Meanwhile, for those wanting a more relaxing journey there’s always river cruises where wildlife abounds and stunning sunset views while playing online poker on sites reviewed over await them.

Livingstone Museum is another popular tourist spot, featuring local history and archaeology in an engaging exhibit format that includes archaeological finds, traditional indigenous crafts, historical photographs and even temporary exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year. If steam trains are your thing then Chishimba Falls Road’s Railway Museum displays 19th century locomotives while providing insight into their contribution to regional development.

Visit Livingstone’s craft market is an essential experience. Here, the locals produce all sorts of unique handmade crafts including jewelry, wooden carvings and traditional clothing; plus it’s an opportunity to support the economy while picking up souvenirs!

Mosi-oa-Tunya national park offers visitors looking to venture beyond Livingstone an unforgettable wildlife experience. A variety of tours allow guests to spot animals in their natural environments while learning more about conservation efforts taking place within its boundaries – guests might spot elephants, zebras and giraffes during their safari tour!